Lots of us wonder exactly what our pets get up to when we’re not around – watch TV, get cosy on the couch, or potter around the garden – and while that would be fun to find out, there are some important safety reasons why it could be a good idea to monitor your pet when you’re not home.

Reasons to monitor your pet

Many pets suffer from separation anxiety and installing a monitoring device in your home or investing in a smart kennel for pets, could be just the thing. Monitoring devices can be interactive or purely data based, but either way, you’ll be able to see and hear how your dog is coping at home without you. Then you can monitor over time and make future plans to deal with it.

If your pet is an outside pet monitoring them in this way could be a real life-saver. Ensuring their safety and security as well as their health and vitality.

What are the options for monitoring your pet

There are a few different options to monitor your pet.

You can choose to simply monitor their location and activity using a GPS tracker. This means you can see where they are and how much they’re moving, but not actually what they’re up to.

The next style of monitoring is a nanny-cam style HD camera. These are great for keeping an eye on things and checking in from time to time. Some cameras have motion sensors and can alert you when your dog is ‘doing something’. Some are interactive devices allowing you to talk to your pet, reassuring them with your voice, and some even dispense treats. Most are web and app enabled so you control everything from your phone or laptop in real time.

Something new in the arena of monitoring technology are Smart Kennels for pets – you can use them as a dog kennel, a cat kennel, rabbit den, or chinchilla kennel – and they can monitor anything from temperature and humidity in their habitat or bed, to the sounds they make and their current weight.

Hopefully we’ve given you a few reasons to monitor your pet when you’re not around and the best ways to go about it.