Getting a small animal might seem like the perfect ‘low-maintenance’ option when it comes to welcoming a pet into your family, and they will bring you lots of fun and enjoyment.

However, small pets do need special levels of care and attention, so check out our guide for everything you need to know about caring for small animals.

Choosing your pet

There are loads of options when it comes to small pets. You’ve got mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits – all of them are great choices for a small family pet. Some will be better suited to households with younger children, and some need some space to run and burrow. So, think carefully about whether your children will want to handle them – mice love it, but rabbits might scratch.

Think also about the space you have available. Gerbils, rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs each have specific living requirements, from a safe rabbit den or house with a run, to a roomy Chinchilla kennel. Remember, some small pets are happiest in pairs or groups, so think about the possibility of adding more than one pet to your family.

Caring for small animals

Small animals have special care requirements, other than the habitat and socialisation ones mentioned above.

Clean living quarters are important to the health of your pet, and how often you clean out your hamster cage, rabbit den, or chinchilla kennel depends on the size of animal and how many you have. You should clean the space with mild soapy water and replace all the bedding at least once a week, more often if required.

You need a specialist diet and tasty treats when caring for small animals. Speak to your vet about the right formulation for your pet and remember to supplement it with some leafy greens, fruit, and veg.

A safe space for your small pet will keep your mind at rest and ensure they are happy and healthy. A secure, fox-proof, rabbit den with a run where your rabbits can feel safe, or a chinchilla kennel will add security and interest to your pet’s life and guarantee your peace of mind.  

There you have it – our brief guide to caring for small animals. We hope you get lots of love and fun playing with and caring for your pets.