Is Technology Changing Pet Care For The Better?

Since the first companion dog was microchipped in the US in 1989, pet technology and pet gadgets have become part of our pets’ everyday lives. From automatic feeders to keeping an eye on our pets when we’re not around, we take a look at exactly how technology has changed the way we care for our pets for the better.

What do pet gadgets offer us?

Like all gadgets, their primary purpose is to make life easier and better, more convenient and safer.

These gadgets are not designed to replace the care and connection we have with our pets, but to enhance it, reducing stress and making our pets more comfortable.

What can pet gadgets do?

Most pet gadgets fall into these key categories:

Monitoring and tracking – keeping us connected to our pets even when we’re not around. These range from cameras and smart kennels to interactive ‘stations’ where you can remotely talk to and even feed your pet!

Personal care and grooming – includes things like grooming gloves, specialist nail clippers and cool collars to keep your pet cool in the summer. Making keeping your pet in tip top condition so easy.

Feeding and watering – with options ranging from high-tech automatic feeders and water fountains, to collapsible water bowls and travel cups. Keeping your pet fed and watered on the go or when you’re not around has never been easier or more worry-free.

Habitat and bedding – Smart kennels, and temperature-controlled dog kennels, cat beds, rabbit dens and chinchilla kennels are great for keeping your pets comfortable and safe.

Play – ‘energy-saving’ play devices for your animals from ball launchers and a GoPro Fetch for your dog, to puzzle games for your cats, rats or chinchillas. So, even if your arm is dropping off from throwing the tennis ball for the millionth time – your dog doesn’t have to stop playing.

Training – from ‘training treat dispensers’ to encouraging your pet to ‘work’ for their food, these gadgets help you train and socialise your pet.

As every aspect of our day to day lives become more managed through technology, it makes sense the way we interact with our pets should follow suit. I believe pet gadgets can only enhance the lives and enjoyment of our pets, as long as we don’t consider pet technology a substitute for the personal love, care and interaction we share with our pets, which, after all,  is what makes them so special.