Many dogs love kennels – it’s a safe space for them to have just to themselves where they can hangout, relax and sleep. Choosing kennels for small dogs sometimes needs a little more consideration than when choosing for a larger dog. A large dog obviously needs more space, but small dogs need a space where they can feel safe, and the right kennel can provide that feeling of safety. Read on for our guide to choosing the right sized kennels for small dogs.

Have you measured?

It might seem obvious, but you need to measure and weigh your dog.

Measure their height standing up from the ground to the tips of their erect ears – if they have them – and measure their length from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. Measure their width from shoulder to shoulder. Add two inches to the width and length of your dog to get the minimum size kennel you need.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers has a handy guide by weight, so make sure you know the weight of your dog to use this method.

If you are in between sizes, go up rather than down.

You want your dog to be able to comfortably turn around in their new home. The goal is for them not to feel cramped and uncomfortable, but not to have so much room that they feel insecure and unsafe. A kennel that is too big, might encourage a dog to ‘do their business’ at one end while still keeping their sleeping and living areas clean. This is definitely not the aim.

Creating a safe space

In the wild, dogs are den-animals, preferring to sleep and live in an enclosed space. A dog kennel can provide a substitute for their natural habitat, creating a safe space just for them.

Choosing the right bedding for your kennel

Your dog will spend almost 50% of its time asleep. So, it’s essential your kennel set up contains comfortable bedding or a comfy dog bed for your dog to sleep on. The best options are washable, supportive, natural, and warm – and if your dog is getting on in years, you could look at investing in a memory foam mattress for the bottom of their dog kennel.

There you have it, our guide to choosing and equipping the best kennels for small dogs.