Between the customer that pay to reserve a discount.

hereinafter, the “Buyer Promisor

and TacyPet srl, VAT IT07122460483, with legal office in via Donizetti, 52, Scandicci (FI), Italy, e-mail address

hereinafter, the “Seller Promisor

and, together, the “Parties”


  1. the Buyer Promisor is interested in purchasing from the Seller Promisor the product described on the web page (hereinafter, the “Product“);
  2. the Product is still under development and its realization is expected within 18 (eighteen) months following the conclusion of this contract;
  3. the Seller Promisor is interested in receiving from the Buyer Promisor an advance on the final price in order to receive a contribution to the expenses for the development and realization of the Product.

The Parties agree and stipulate as follows.

  1. The Parties undertake to conclude the final contract for the purchase and sale of the Product (hereinafter, the “Final Contract“), within 18 months from the date of signing of this preliminary contract. This term is intended in favour of the Seller Promisor who can anticipate it by written communication to the Buyer Promisor, also by e-mail, with a notice of at least 10 (ten) days.
  2. The Buyer Promisor shall pay to the Seller Promisor the amount of $1.00 (a US dollar) as down payment on the final price of the Product which is agreed to be $1.00 (a US dollar).
  3. In case of non-conclusion of the Final Contract for reasons attributable to the Seller Promisor, the latter undertakes to return to the Buyer Promisor the amount paid as a deposit. No further compensation or damages will be due to the Buyer Promisor.
  4. In case of failure to conclude the Final Contract for reasons attributable to the Buyer Promisor, the Seller Promisor may retain the amount of the down payment as final. No further compensation or damages will be due in favour of the Seller Promisor.

Updated October, 3, 2021